UN300 Single Language Interpretation System

UN400 DIGITAL 2+ Language Interpretation System

UN350 Rechargeable Language System

  • Compatible with all Unicom systems

  • Systems can be made Multi-Language by adding a transmitter and microphone

  • Simple controls

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Compact

About the Unicom Systems

The Unicom Systems are the wireless way for your interpreter to transmit the presentation to listeners seated anywhere in the room using portable receivers and headphones. The possibilities are endless with the Unicom Systems. The systems can be used with any language and can be expanded to an endless number of audience members. Just add additional receivers and headphones at a minimal cost.

All systems come with a 60 day trial and a 10-year Warranty. That means that if you do not immediately see results in your school’s parental involvement, then return the system for a full refund.

Silence the interpretation for small, quiet meetings by adding the MM50 Mini Mask Microphone for your interpreter for only $249.00.