Plant the seed for a great education by giving non-English speaking parents the opportunity to actively participate in their child's education by using one of Unicom's Wireless Interpretation Systems.

The Unicom Systems allow Limited English Proficient Parents to attend school meetings and receive the message in their own language without disturbing the presentation.

The Unicom Systems work like a portable radio station. Your interpreter uses a compact bodypack transmitter and headset or mini mask microphone.  Your listeners use portable receivers and headphones to hear every word clearly from anywhere in the room!

Unicom has been serving the needs of non-English speaking parents for over 20 years.

About The Unicom Systems

  • Allow presenters to continue PTO or parent-teacher meetings without pausing for interpretation
  • Portable, wireless, and ready to use in seconds with no installation or setup required
  • Create feelings of community for all parents regardless of language and encourage parents to actively contribute to their children’s education

All Systems Come with a 60-Day Trial and a 10 Year Warranty

The Interpretation System

Learn more about the Unicom Interpretation System and how it can help Limited English Proficient parents stay active in their child's education.

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About Our Company

Learn more about United Communication Systems, Inc. and our commitment to facilitating the best learning environment for all.

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Contact us at no charge so that we can explain how one of our systems can help your school change the future of education through technology.

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What is Simultaneous Interpretation?

Simultaneous Interpretation happens when an interpreter translates the message of the speaker at the same time the speaker is delivering the presentation.  It allows for very smooth continued content.  The listener is receiving the message in real time.